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Frank's Package Store

Our Store

Keeping Guilford in Good Spirits Since 1939

Located on the historic Guilford Green we are more than just your average package store. We are a part of the Guilford community and thus we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere and friendly customer service. Browse our shelves where you will find an eclectic and curated inventory featuring a wide range of fine wines, trending spirits and the best in craft beer as well as all the brands you know and love. 


Need a recommendation or pairing for your meal? Want us to special order or start carrying a particular product? Planning a special event or celebration? Require curbside service or a local delivery? My knowledgeable staff and I are here for you. So shop with us, we look forward to seeing you!

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Frank Ifkovic Jr.

Our Story

Established in 1939 by my grandfather Frank J. Ifkovic, Sr. and his business partner John Leahy, Frank’s Package Store has been Guilford’s premier wine and spirits shop for over 80 years. Following my grandfather’s service in World War 2 he bought out Leahy’s share and moved the store to its current location next to our friends and neighbors at Page Hardware on the south end of the Guilford Green. 


In 1969, my father Frank J. Ifkovic, Jr., began working at the store where he stayed for the next 50 years of his life. He bought the store from my grandfather in 1975 and in the 80’s purchased the adjoining alleyway and expanded the store to the side and the back. In so many ways, this store has grown along side the Guilford community.


The store has always been central to the life of the Ifkovic family. As a child my grandfather would pick me up from nursery school and bring me to the store where I would sit quietly and watch him work and listen to the stories the customers told about the community. When my brother, sister and I were old enough we all worked for my father. We dusted bottles, stocked shelves, worked the register, helped customers and learned the family business, however as many people in their 20’s do we all left to start new careers. 


During those years I worked long hours in “corporate America” and although it was rewarding I had always missed the community of my father’s store. When he announced his retirement I jumped at the opportunity to rejoin the family business. With the help and guidance of my father I took over in February of 2019 and he finally got to retire and spend time on his farm in Killingworth, CT. 


When I was little girl, I always thought I’d end up back in the store and that it would always be a part of our family and I am immensely grateful it came to fruition. I feel blessed to be reconnecting with our customers, the Guilford community at large and my fellow merchants around the Guilford Green and I look forward to carrying this family business into the future. 


           - Kirsta Ifkovic, 3rd Generation Owner

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